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Welcome to Run El Paso!

Run El Paso is a loose, friendly organization of people from the border area who share a common love of running.

We have training runs every day of the week, occasionally sponsor races and support each other in our long-distance running goals. Runners range in ability and age, from beginners to regional stars, from children running their first 5K to experienced veterans who've logged more than 100 marathons.

Run El Paso members run all distances and types of races. Some members do triathlons. A few 50-milers; others do 24-hour road runs; some run 100-mile trail races. Nearly all of us run 5K neighborhood runs, half-marathons and marathons.

Sometimes we cheer each other on, other times we set PRs. But, most important, we always have fun!

Feel free to join us on any training run. We're a friendly lot, so don't be surprised if we invite you to coffee or breakfast after our run!